Ritual of Authenticity


Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.

~ Khalil Gibran ~


My intention as a photographer, beyond creating beautiful images, is to offer a space for you to allow All the aspects of yourself, your vulnerability + your power, your struggles + your desires, to arise, to shine brighter into the path of authenticity.


I offer a space for you to experience a positive, memorable and transformational journey of self Love.


Stripping back the layers, in nudity, i invite you to step in front of the camera.


Together we create a space of abundant expression, we enter into a dance of intuition, of opening up + ultimately, revealing our infinite souls, me behind the camera, you in front. This is an opportunity to deepen your connection to your higher self, the essence of your being. a chance to surrender, through exploration + discovery, allowing a greater Loving acceptance of yourself to find presence in your life.


This is an invitation to break free from the shackles of shame + conditioning, honoring your truth + allowing yourself finally, to Shine. Together, we will create images that serve as a Light on your path, A reminding of your soul calling, your radiant power, your true existence, A reminding that you are a magical being on a magical journey.  


I want you to have images that reveal your very essence and can serve as a talisman to remind you of who you really are, a magical being on a magical journey.


Greg Clarke



"We really enjoyed working with Greg during the photo shoot. He has a nice, laid-back way of working. Offers suggestions for postures and positions in a respectful, gentle way. In short, he makes you feel very comfy and nudges you to express yourself through your body. In the meantime he captures your body in his photo’s, in a natural and almost unnoticed way. During our photo shoot we had a lot of fun keeping our balance on the log, we played in the water as if we were children again. We honestly forgot there was a photo shoot going on. Highly recommendable!"
Jos & Frans


"I have experienced Greg as a very professional photographer with an eye for detail, exposure and adventure. He took all the time and attention for my wishes. In cooperation, he created confidence by his calm appearance while he was clear in giving directions and suggestions regarding the poses. I can definitely recommend him. I have been working with several photographers but have never been satisfied with the result so far. It is even worthwhile to fly him in."



"The shooting with Greg was an amazing experience. I'm very grateful that I got this chance and decided to step out of my comfort zone. It was a way for me to become aware of my self judgement and confront it. Through the process I grew in confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. It's comfortable to work with Greg because he is respectful, and sensitive. He creates a very safe space to work, play, and explore. Thank you Greg for this opportunity and the amazing pictures you captured! I was able to appreciate myself more again afterwards."